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About Us

Johnathan and Rhiannon Sibley

We are a husband and wife team that work together to make this dream come to life, every single day. Johnathan makes the knives, and does the leatherwork, and wood work. Meanwhile Rhiannon focuses on the business side of things, and the Merchandise. This is a family business so you will likely see plenty of our daughter Tavia and our son Dalton, as well as our sweet dog Roxie!

Texas Forges 

We have been using a large ribbon burner forge from Texas Forges for many years, so it just made sense to have them here at our shop! You will now regularly see Jess Stinson, long time friend of ours, and owner of Texas Forges, at the shop working on forges, helping with workshops, and being an incredible part of our operation. He makes quality forges to help makers to do what they love, we encourage you to come check out his amazing products, and consider taking one of his classes on building your very own forge! He is incredibly knowledgeable, and happy to help with your forging needs!

Little Free Library

We think as a local business it is our duty to take the opportunity to do things to be of service to our community. We created a little free library to help add to the access of books in our community for adults and children. It is available to come and find a book to take, and we accept donations for books to put in it as well. Come by and grab your next read!

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