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Texas Forges

Texas Made Forges

We can ship all over the United States - We offer our forges in several sizes. For Forge Purchasing please contact Jess Stinson at  and Join us on Facebook in our Texas Forges group for updates and more!


Sign up here for our next class at The Blade Bar!

Class will start at roughly 10am both days.
First day ends about 3-4 pm.

Second day ends about 12-1pm.

The additional items to put your forge to work after the class are these:



Other Blower option:

















Upcoming Forge Making Workshops

Join us on Saturday & Sunday September 23rd and 24th 2023 at The Blade Bar in Ben Wheeler, Texas. We will be taking reservations for this class as there is limited space. Please contact The Blade Bar Directly on Facebook to reserve your space.



Upcoming Shows you will find us at:

Join us on the road at a show near your! We travel to these events with limited stock, due to transport. If you want to arrange to pick up something specific at a show, please contact us in advance at to ensure we have it ready for you on show day!

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