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Custom Handmade Knives

Custom Knives

Johnathan Sibley of Djinn Knives makes a variety knives. We keep what we can on the shelf so you are able to walk in and find a knife you love, but the majority of his knives are made on a custom order basis. He will work with you step by step to complete a custom knife to your specifications, but keep in mind his books are generally several months out. Each knife he creates takes time as they are all hand made, with a hand stitched, hand made leather sheath. You have so many options when it comes to a custom knife, you can choose to have one that is hand forged, or stock removal, you can select from a variety of handle material, sizes, shapes and level of finish. On custom orders it is easiest if you are able to come in and work out the details in person, but we do them by phone, or online as well. Please understand a minimum of 1/2 down as a non-refundable deposit is required to get your order on the books.

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